Cooperation with the leadership of the region is gaining momentum

    Together with the International Red Cross Society, we held meetings with the region’s leaders. There is a lot of work, so we quickly identified the main areas of focus.

    At the first meeting with the Coordinating Humanitarian Headquarters under the regional military administration alone, we identified six vectors of collaboration:

    • logistics and transportation within the displaced
    • medicine and medicine
    • a humanitarian reserve of the Odesa region
    • housing fund for internally displaced persons
    • saving the sowing campaign
    • call center for social and psychological support

    Then we met with the leadership of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Odesa region. They discussed humanitarian aid to Ukrainians on the borders with Moldova, searching for the missing, and working with explosive substances. The rescuers recently disposed of a 470 kg rocket, which fortunately did not detonate after falling.

    We worked out a standard route with Aram Antashyan, deputy director of the Department of Public Health of the region. Besides material base, today, the issues of rehabilitation of the wounded and equipment of bomb shelters in the hospitals are acute. Also, the problem of working with post-traumatic syndrome becomes more and more actual.

    The Odessa regional organization of the Red Cross Society attracts all reserves of international support to amortize this problematic period for Ukrainians.